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3 out of 4 existing gate systems lack the latest safety features and should be replaced or brought up to current standards

Manufacturers of gate operators and related protection devices work closely with UL and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to improve standards for entrapment protection.

There is no "grandfather clause" for systems installed prior to the date of enactment. Ask your installer to follow UL 325 and ASTM F2200 safety standards to ensure your automated gate or gate system is safe.

To be UL 325 compliant, two independent entrapment protection devices must be installed at each entrapment zone (inherent reversing sensors count as one device).

Beginning August 1, 2018 Slide Gate Operators also require a minimum of two external monitored safety entrapment protection devices to function and meet the new UL 325 Standard. One in the open direction and one in the close.  This is in addition to the built in inherent reversing sensor that is present on most circuit boards.

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Rotary Gate Systems is an automated gate operator system and accessories manufacturer.  We work with installing dealers around the United States to provide equipment for your electric gate installation.  We do not provide pricing for products or installation quotes to end users, homeowners, property managers, etc.  We will be happy to recommend a dealer in your area to provide this to you.

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