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Diagnosing EN 09 code on APeX controller

EN codes are the APeX controllers primary way of signaling an entrapment condition with the system. These codes range from EN 00, to EN 14. We will discuss each of these codes, their meanings, and possible solutions in periodic blog posts. Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged to help you understand the system you are working on as thoroughly as possible.

The EN09 code can only be activated in a bi-parting gate setup. This error deals with communication between two controllers in a bi-parting gate setup, and is caused by one controller not having compatible firmware with the second controller.


When an EN 09 error occurs it is due to different firmware versions on the APeX boards in a dual gate installation only.

To check your firmware versions, shut off power to both controllers. After 10 seconds turn them on one at a time, you'll see a series of letters and numbers on the display. Take note of the firmware version on each, these will show up in the format of "X.X" an example of this is "1.6" or "2.4". All 1.x firmware versions are pre-2016 controllers and are not compatible with the new UL standards. These should be upgraded to any controller with version 2.1 or higher to meet current safety standards.

More than likely your automatic gate system has one controller showing a "1.x" firmware version with the other showing either a significantly higher "1.x" or a "2.x" version. This causes compatibility issues due to advancements and changes in the firmware over the years.

To correct this problem, call your local installing dealer, distributor, or Rotary Gate Systems to see if your circuit board can be upgraded via programming or if the board should be replaced with the latest version.

All error codes, and diagnostics can now be managed remotely with the Rotary IQ. This system is designed to work with all gate operators using the Linear APeX circuit board from 2008 to present and allows installing dealers a glimpse at what is happening with a gate operator before making a trip on site, saving time and money.

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