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Diagnosing EN 01/02 code on APeX controller

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

EN codes are the APeX controllers primary way of signaling an entrapment condition with the system. These codes range from EN 00, to EN 14. We will discuss each of these codes, their meanings, and possible solutions in periodic blog posts. Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged to help you understand the system you are working on as thoroughly as possible.

The EN 01 and EN 02 codes are grouped together in this post because they are triggered by the same error, but in different directions. EN01 is an error in the opening direction, EN02 is in the close direction. Both are caused by the operator running, but not tripping the respective limit switch before the end of the programmed run time. Several things on site can cause this to happen, with the most basic problem being that the maximum run timer is set too low for the size of the gate. When setting the "rt" in programming, you need to take into account that the motor will move the gate at about 1ft per second at full speed, during the slowdown at each end for the limit switch, this drops to about 6" per second. For a 20' gate with a 3 second slowdown on each end you would set your run timer to a minimum of 30 however, this does not account for the weight of the gate, strong winds, debris in the rollers or "V"track or any other environment changes that can slow down the system. The best method for determining what your maximum run timer should be is to set it to the maximum allowed: 99 seconds, then run the gate several times in each direction until the slow down is tuned in and you get a consistent run time in each direction, take that number, add 10 seconds to it, and program your maximum run timer to this. This will give you the best starting point for determining your run timer, although you may still need adjustments to fine tune the system.

All error codes, and diagnostics can now be managed remotely with the Rotary IQ. This system is designed to work with all gate operators using the Linear APeX circuit board from 2008 to present and allows installing dealers a glimpse at what is happening with a gate operator before making a trip on site, saving time and money.

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