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Diagnosing EN 03 code on APeX controller

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

EN codes are the APeX controllers primary way of signaling an entrapment condition with the system. These codes range from EN 00, to EN 14. We will discuss each of these codes, their meanings, and possible solutions in periodic blog posts. Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged to help you understand the system you are working on as thoroughly as possible.

The EN03 code can only be activated in a bi-parting gate setup. This error deals with communication between two controllers in a bi-parting gate setup, and is caused by one controller not communicating with, or not getting a response from, the second controller.


When an EN 03 error occurs it can be due to a couple of different issues on site, the first is to check programming in both APeX boards, navigate to "PM" for Paired Mode and make sure the boards are both set at "dG" for dual gate.

If the programming on both boards is correct, check the connections on the left side of the board labeled "COMM LINK" "C B A", ensure that the connector is pressed all the way down in place on the board, and that the wires going into the connector aren't damaged and the terminals are tightened down to make a good connection with the wires.

If all of the above has been checked and no issues found, the problem may lie in the wire itself, or one/both of the boards. To check the wires between the two, you can check continuity with a digital voltage meter to make sure there are no broken wires between the two, or if you have extra cable to use, run a temporary set above ground between the two and see if the problem is fixed.

If the problem persists with new wires, correct programming settings, and no issues with the on board connections, the issue is likely a bad board that needs to be replaced. Call your local dealer or manufacturer for information on replacing the APeX board.

All error codes, and diagnostics can now be managed remotely with the Rotary IQ. This system is designed to work with all gate operators using the Linear APeX circuit board from 2008 to present and allows installing dealers a glimpse at what is happening with a gate operator before making a trip on site, saving time and money.

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