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Diagnosing EN 05 code on APeX controller

EN codes are the APeX controllers primary way of signaling an entrapment condition with the system. These codes range from EN 00, to EN 14. We will discuss each of these codes, their meanings, and possible solutions in periodic blog posts. Comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged to help you understand the automatic gate system you are working on as thoroughly as possible.

The EN05 code is activated any time the APeX board detects low battery voltage to the system below 21.6VDC AND AC power has been lost. Battery voltage drop due to bad cells, or bad connection will NOT trigger an EN code. Any previous blog posts can be found here.


When an EN05 error occurs, a lockout condition is present due to a low battery voltage detection from the APeX board due to AC power loss. This error will trigger either Fail Safe, or Fail Secure (depending on how the automatic gate system is programmed) when the batteries drop below 21.6VDC.

When triggered, this input will display "EN 05" on the APeX display, and will have the "LOCKOUT" LED lit preventing movement of the gate until AC power is restored and/or battery voltage rises above 21.6 volts. While this can be an inconvenience at times, the purpose of this is to ensure the site is secure as much as possible, giving the homeowner, site manager, or installing dealer time to diagnose the incoming power issue before locking out in either the closed (Fail Secure), or open (Fail Safe) position

To reset this error code and return the automatic gate operator to normal operation, check with the property manager or owner to test the breaker and ensure incoming AC voltage is adequate. Once AC power has been restored, reset the board and test batteries to ensure they are charging. If the batteries remain at a constant voltage below 21.6, and do not charge, the batteries should be changed. Make sure to ONLY use SLA batteries rated at 12v 5ah or 12v 7ah. This system is NOT compatible with LiON batteries, even ones having the same footprint or casing.

Once all voltages have been checked and are up to the correct voltage, press the "RESET" button on the bottom of the control box, or the "STOP" button next to the display on the APeX board; this should reset the error. You can now test run the slide gate system and check for normal operation.

If the problem persists after checking these devices and wiring, contact your installing dealer, distributor, or Rotary Gate Systems for further troubleshooting or replacement parts.

All error codes, and diagnostics can now be managed remotely with the Rotary IQ. This system is designed to work with all gate operators using the Linear APeX circuit board from 2008 to present and allows installing dealers a look at what is happening with a gate opener before making a trip on site, saving time and money.

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