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Programming the APeX controller

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Programming transmitters into the onboard receiver for RGS operators.

Programming 318Mhz megacode (or compatible) transmitters

Learning transmitters into the onboard receiver can seem overly complicated if you're not familiar with programming the APeX gate remote controller. But the reality is that it couldn't be simpler once you understand the way the board works.

Many manufacturers have on-board receivers installed on their gate remote controllers, making programming, installation, and customer satisfaction easier than adding an external receiver when the customer wants remotes for their automatic gate system. The APeX controller can store up to 40 318Mhz MegaCode (or compatible) transmitters for use by the homeowner or service company.

To enter programming mode for your gate remote control, simply press and hold the <up> and <down> buttons, located directly under the display, together for about 3 seconds. This enters programming mode and the first selection is "RL". Press the <up> button several times until you see "Ad", this is Advanced Programming, and needs to be turned on to access additional functions in the controller. To change a programming value, press <enter>, again found directly below the display, then press and hold enter until the display starts flashing. Once the display is flashing, press the up button to change the value to "On", then <enter> again to lock in the selection. This programming step also automatically turns off after 50 cycles of the operator, so keep this in mind when programming additional remotes in the future.

Once Advanced Programming is turned on on your gate remote control and the selection is locked in, press the <up> button again until you find "tL", this is the transmitter Learn function. Press <enter> and the display will start flashing, press and hold your transmitter button for 1 second, then wait 3-5 seconds and your 5 digit transmitter ID will scroll across the screen, your transmitter is now programmed.

To get out of programming on your gate remote control, simply press the <up> an <down> buttons together and the system will restart, saving all changes.

For more information on programming our system or general tips, check back here for periodic updates, or contact us via email or phone!

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